Why is the Eiffel tower so famous?

As we continue with our series of reads about the Eiffel tower, let us go through some of the reasons why the Eiffel tower is so famous. We may just be looking at it as one of the wonders of the world without really taking time to understand it’s history and the reason for being there. Let us summarize some of the reason for its fame.

Sadly the other buildings were destroyed, which would have gained in popularity over time too, I guess.So, it’s popular because it looks like nothing else in the world. Because you can actually go in with an elevator or also climb your way up and get an insane view of Paris and hundreds of kilometers around Paris. Because it represents the industrial era. With France being one of the pioneers of the Industrial revolution with stainless steel manufacturer and largest producer of these metal drivers of the revolution.


It’s famous because it was never supposed to stay there.Because it’s a worldwide famous French symbol (during the industrial era, it screamed “France owns lots of metal!”). Gustave Eiffel designed it for the temporary Exposition Universelle, and a lot of crazy other buildings and constructions were all around the Eiffel Tower during the Exhibition. But it looked so strange and became so popular that they didn’t destroy it. If they had planned to build it in Paris, it would have had to meet requirements, blend in, etc. but since it was a little crazy thing that got built, they allowed themselves to be more creative and make it look like it comes straight out of a Jules Verne novel.

It’s popular because it’s a phallic construction and yet retains feminine attributes.It’s popular because of all the artists who wrote about it and filmed it.


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