It’s Easier to Find the Signs of Ancient Life on Mars than on Earth(I)

Scientists involved in NASA’s next Mars mission say it is easier to find signs of ancient life on Mars than on Earth. A six-wheeled robot will land on this red planet in 2021, with the specific purpose of finding evidence of past creatures. It will look for clues from rocks that may be 3.9 billion years old. Researchers say it is very difficult to find life what exist 3.9 billion years ago on Earth, but there may be better preservation conditions on Mars.seamless steel pipes

This is due to the dynamic process of the earth, where the rocks are constantly agitated and recycled, so traces of life are eliminated. But the Red Planet stopped the process early in its history. “For example, we don’t believe that Mars has plates drift process that is often experienced in Earth’s history,” said Ken Willford of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in California. “Most of the earth’s rock records have been destroyed by movement under the ocean’s crust. And even the rocks that remain on the surface are heated and squeezed, and these are not on Mars.” “So, it’s likely that the old rock on Mars is better than the new rock,” he told the BBC News.