Breathing style of anaerobic exercise

We often ignore the importance of breathing in fitness. If we can’t master the correct breathing method during exercise, it will affect us very much.

When doing a light weight exercise, you can take a deep breath first, and then exhale from the beginning to the end of the exercise. During the reduction process. One thing to note is that the time of action flywheel bike should be consistent with the time of breathing. Generally, when an action starts, that is to say, it takes 1 second to exhale. It usually takes 2 seconds to restore, that is to say, it takes 2 seconds to fill the air when inhaled. Then repeat the movement while breathing regularly.

If you do a group of intense exercises, you should use it to hold your breath. The correct use of suffocation can promote the performance of exercise and increase muscle tension. If the wrong use of suffocation can reduce blood pressure, resulting in dizziness, tinnitus, nausea and other discomfort. The correct way to hold your breath is not to breathe too deeply before holding your breath, but to exhale a little and rhythmically. Suffocation is not suitable for every movement. It must be used in the last sprint or the maximum weight.

Anaerobic exercise breathing is the form of mouth and nose breathing at the same time, which can not only increase the intake of oxygen, but also improve the performance of exercise, prolong our exercise time, but also reduce the airway ventilation resistance, so that the breathing process is more smooth.

When people are doing sports (running, cycling, etc.), there is a period of time when they have chest tightness, dyspnea, slow down of exercise frequency and low mood. This is because the exercise is too intense, the oxygen can not meet the needs of the body, resulting in the phenomenon of hypoxia, which is called “extreme” in sports medicine. The effective way to improve this feeling is to inhale deeply. After more oxygen is used by the body, this feeling will gradually disappear. The opposite is to breathe deeply after a deep breath, to maintain a rhythmic breathing state. This kind of exercise will last longer, improve cardiopulmonary function, reduce fat is more effective.