What CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Elements Are?

Mechanical cutting is a very boring process and carries with it numerous disadvantages. This new and revolutionary laser technique is quite reasonably priced to acquire making a low investment and price of ownership. It is a set of the new benchmark in producing higher quality at low price. The UV laser cutting machines gives new freedom to the production arranging from prototyping to massive production.

two.5KW CNC laser cutting machine can cut 15mm stainless steel. For thicker stainless steel, we need to have 3KW laser cutting machine. Yesterday, we talked about hardware of fiber laser marking machine. Right now we’d like to talk about computer software of fiber laser machine. In market place, China EZCAD is the most popular. Then, Germany Samlight.

This is Sherry. I’d like to support people decide on the far better supplier and much better service of laser machines. As for pick machines, as my opinion, at times we just want choose the sensible a single, not the most costly one.

Fiber laser is the newest improvement of a new fiber laser output of prime energy density of laser beam laser metal cutter machine and combined on the exterior of the workpiece, workpiece is ideal target facula illumination of area instantaneous evaporation and melting, the CNC structure moving beam irradiation location and mechanical cutting. Matched with a huge volume of gas and powerful state lasers has obvious positive aspects, has gradually developed into a important candidates in the field of best precision laser processing, space technology, laser radar method and laser medicine and so on.

The principle of plasma cutting machine: making use of the higher temperature of plasma arc make metal melting and cutting. IDMLASER CLAYA V CNC laser cutting machine is an economical fiber laser cutting machine. The best selection for sheet metal cutting.

Nonetheless, for diverse materials, due to their distinct thermophysical properties and various absorption prices of laser light, different laser cutting adaptability is exhibited. 1KW CNC laser cutting machine can cut 9mm thickness carbon steel. 1.5 KW laser cutting machine can reduce 19mm thickness carbon steel.

SteelFAB Exhibition 2016 will commence at 17th to 20th January, three days left. SteelFAB will be held at Sharjah,United Arab Emirates. It will be a big welding and cutting exhibition. Secondly, lasers can reduce nonmetals, whilst other hot cutting methods can not.